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A family joyfully feasting on round sticky rice dumplings, celebrating their happy reunion together.

Introducing a grand offering of Dragon Boat Festival's sticky rice dumplings.

Launched a new 3-piece gift box.

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. Have you started preparing gifts for the festival yet?

SHI ER Food is launching new packaging this year ,while maintaining the unchanged deliciousness that awaits you.

Abalone Scallop Black Truffle Sticky Rice Dumpling,Three Treasures Beef Sticky Rice Dumpling

,Red Wine Poached Fig Ceylon Tea Sweet Sticky Rice Dumpling ,Camellia Oil Chicken Turmeric Sticky Rice Dumpling ,Porcini Mushrooms Gingko Nut Sticky Rice Dumpling and Black Truffle Chestnut Sticky Rice Dumpling.

We offer a wide variety of flavors for you to choose from, including vegetarian dumplings, meat dumplings and sweet dumplings.Sending heartfelt wishes to your beloved family and friends.

To get the latest updates on sticky rice dumpling sales, please follow SHI ER Food's official Facebook for firsthand information.


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