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Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival- Launched Sticky Rice Dumpling gift box( Three into the gift box)

Expected to SHI ER’s Sticky Rice Dumpling gift box,is gorgeously launched with new flavors this year.The main three into the gift box is very suitable for small families, and it also allows you to taste different flavors at one time.

We launched two vegan sticky rice dumplings,which not only have a gorgeous appearance, but are also very elegant in taste.

Packed the full warmth into the sticky rice dumplings on the Dragon Boat Festival in the summer.

Six kinds of sticky rice dumplings have their own unique flavor.Looking forward to sharing this friendship with you♡

Popular - Abalone Scallop Black Truffle Sticky Rice Dumpling

Creative - Three Treasures Beef Sticky Rice Dumpling

French style - Red Wine Poached Fig Ceylon Tea Sweet Sticky Rice Dumpling

Healthy and delicious - Camellia Oil Chicken Turmeric Sticky Rice Dumpling

Taste elegant - Porcini Mushrooms Gingko Nut Sticky Rice Dumpling

Vegan - Black Truffle Chestnut Sticky Rice Dumpling


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