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Launched new sweet soup

Chicken soup for the soul and sweet soup for the soul.

Two sweet soups are available in the spring warm heart, Taro and Tapioca Pearls Soup and Silver Ear Fungus and Job's Tears Soup.

Taro and Tapioca Pearls Soup:

Imagine tapioca pearls and diced taro floating in a taro-purple milk lake… This soup is a year-round favorite, with layers of richness and sweetness, it is a mouthfull of flavor.

Silver Ear Fungus and Job's Tears Soup:

You can drink it cold in the summer to cool you down, and hot in the winter to warm you up. With its smooth texture and flavor profile, you won't be able to stop with one bite.

Both sweet soups are perfect for drinking regardless of the season.

Sales channel :


SOGO's supermarket (Taipei Zhongxiao Store)

SHIN KONG Mitsukoshi 's Supermarket (Taichung Zhonggang and Tainan Zhongshan)


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