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Launched the new packaging -Baby Full Moon

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

A new year, SHI ER FOOD INDUSTRIES launched the new packaging of baby full moon gift box.

But the only thing that remains unchanged is the sweetness and sincerity.With the Daddy and Mommy to share the joy of the baby's birth .After receiving full blessing, the baby came to the world safely.First choice of SHI ER FOOD INDUSTRIES,let you personally feel our intentions and blessings.

Sticky rice has a variety of flavors,Traditional Sticky Rice,Black Truffle Sticky Rice,Turmeric Sticky Rice and Spicy Sticky Rice.If you want to learn more information,you can visit the baby full moon gift box area. To join SHI ER's official line and FB, customer service staff will sincerely serve to you.


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